We are committed to collecting what’s rightfully owed to your practice!

Dental Insurance Verification

Now you can collect everything you produce by sending 100% verified claims to your patients’ insurance carriers. We offer dental insurance verification services packed with everything you might need to grow your practice. Focus on delivering quality patient care while we take care of your verification requirements.


Dental Billing

Simplify your dental billing problems by putting the best dental billing services into action. Dentalify Solutions utilizes the best strategies and practices to assist you in resolving billing issues and achieving outstanding earnings.
Our expert Billing Specialists provide the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency that your practice needs to increase collections and profitability without breaking the bank.

Patient billing

With Dentalify Solutions you have a resource that prioritizes your patient bills to get them out in an integrated, organized, and timely manner.The processes of paying for healthcare can be stressful for providers and patients alike. Now, you can give your team the solutions they need to maximize payment from both patients and payers.

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Our pricing

Dental Billing

Starting at $1000 Per Location
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Patient Billing

Starting at $450 Per Month
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Insurance Verification

Starting at $300 Per Month
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